5 to 10 Years

For All Ages:

• Keep home smoke free

• Learn CPR & First Aid

• Install smoke alarms on every floor

• Test alarms monthly and replace batteries

• Keep water heater temperature below 120 degrees fahrenheit

• Don’t hold a child when carrying hot foods or liquids

• Obey water safety signs

• Teach children how to swim and when to call 911

Developmental Stages & Accomplishments

• Child has a growing sense of self and ability.

• Strength, motor skills and coordination develop at their own rate. Children the same age my not have the same skills or abilities.

• Starts looking to friends for peer acceptance.

Pedestrian & Bike Safety

  • Teach child to not play in streets or behind parked cars.
  • Make sure child’s bike is right size – child’s feet should be able to touch ground and the hands able to rest on the handlebars.
  • Child must correctly wear bike helmets at all times – the front should cover the forehead.

Water Safety

  • Child should learn to swim.
  • Never let child swim without adult supervision.
  • Adult should check depth of water before child dives in. (Should be 9 feet deep minimum)
  • Child should always wear a life jacket in canoe, kayak or boat.

Sport Safety

  • Wear the recommended equipment and clothing for each sport.
  • Choose equipment accordingly to size of child.
  • Child should drink plenty of water before, during and after activity.

Car Safety

  • Use booster seats up to age 8, or up to 80 lbs., 4’9”, when child travels in cars.
  • After 8 years old, use seat belts whenever traveling in cars.
  • The back seat of a car is the safest place for a child to ride.


  • Use safety caps on medicines and household cleaners.
  • Do not let child apply insecticides.
  • Show child how to use household cleaning products safely – keeps hands away from eyes, wash hands after use.

Firearm Safety

  • Keep guns unloaded in home and ammunition stored separately.
  • Check with homes where child visits to find out if guns are present and how they are stored.

Fire & Burn Safety

  • Repeatedly apply sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher (it dissolves after swimming or sweating.)