Birth to 1 Year

For All Ages:

• Keep home smoke free

• Learn CPR & First Aid

• Install smoke alarms on every floor

• Test alarms monthly and replace batteries

• Keep water heater temperature below 120 degrees fahrenheit

• Don’t hold a child when carrying hot foods or liquids

• Obey water safety signs

• Teach children how to swim and when to call 911

Developmental Stages & Accomplishments

• Babies move more as they grow
• They explore by putting things in their mouths
• Rolling over and crawling begins

  • Always place baby on his or her
    back to sleep, including naps.
  • Place baby to sleep on a firm
    surface such as a mattress in a
    safety-approved crib, bassinet and
    play yard covered by a fitted sheet.
  • Keep soft objects (like pillows,
    blankets and sheepskins), toys, crib
    bumpers and loose bedding out of
    baby’s sleep area.
  • Dress baby in sleep clothing, such
    as a one-piece sleeper. Make sure
    nothing covers baby’s head.
  • Place baby to sleep in his/her crib
    alone, next to where parents sleep,
    NOT on an adult bed, a couch or on
    a chair with you, or with anyone else.
  • Make your home a smoke-free zone!
    Do not smoke or let anyone smoke
    around baby.
  • Always handle baby gently.
  • NO shaking or rough play.
  • Handle frustration – if baby cries too much,
    put baby in a safe place like a crib, for a
    few minutes and take a break.
  • Never leave baby alone near any water –
    including bathtub, bucket, swimming pool or ocean.
  • Keep toilet lids shut; use toilet locks.
  • Install 4 ft. fencing around swimming pools or
    hot tub with self-latching gates.
  • NEVER leave baby alone on a counter top,
    changing table or any raised surface.
  • Put baby in safe place, like a crib, if you are busy.
  • Always be able to see baby.
  • Put safety gates on stairs, lock doors to lanais,
    close doors to outside.
  • Install window guards that adults can open.
  • Always put baby in child passenger safety seat,
    in back of car, facing backwards.
  • Never place baby in front of airbag.
  • Never carry hot fluids or food when holding baby.
  • Cover electrical outlets; keep cords out of reach.
  • Protect baby from direct sunlight.
  • Never smoke in the home or around baby.
  • Put all medicines, household cleaners, paints,
    insecticides and chemicals in a storage bin up high,
    out of sight and out of reach.
  • Keep insecticides in original containers.