Keiki Caucus Meeting Updates and Handouts

Aloha Keiki Caucus community,

This note is in follow-up to last Friday’s Keiki Caucus meeting where we had a very productive discussion about the 2018 caucus package and priorities and ideas for the 2019 session. We were joined by Representative LoPresti, Representative Mizuno, and Senator Rhoads (via speakerphone). Mahalo to Virginia Beck of the Public Access Room (PAR) for her informative presentation on legislative advocacy and PAR’s resources.
A key deadline as we start to prepare for the 2019 session is Monday October 8, 2018. We are requesting that any bill and resolution ideas be submitted to Senator Rhoads’ office for drafting assistance by this deadline.

Ideas from the September meeting (and lead contact); these are already on the legislation list:
-Erin’s Law (sexual abuse education) (SATC)
-Tobacco Buffer Zones (HIPHI)
-Safe Places for Youth (HI Youth Services Network)
-Paid Family Leave (Hawaii-CAN)
-Visitation Centers for Children of Incarcerated Parents (Blueprint for Change)
-Water Fluoridation (Hawaii-CAN, HIPHI?, Dr. Pantell, Sen. Rhoads)
-R.E.A.C.H. Expansion (Hawaii Afterschool Alliance)
-Sexual Abuse allegations – Task Force? (SATC, Rainbow Family 808)
-Chronic Absenteeism – Task Force? (Hawaii Afterschool Alliance)
-Child Death Review – explore reasons in the report (Dr. Pantell)
-Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)- look at numbers, possible funding, include FASD concerns in other legislation (FASD Action Group, Rep. Mizuno)
-Education Funding details (if Con Am passes)

The next meeting will be the week of November 12 or 19 to discuss the draft bills and resolutions and start to prioritize them.

For your reference, the agenda, deadline list, and handouts (listing Keiki Caucus package measures and other Keiki-related measures from last session) that were distributed at the meeting are attached.

Announcements of upcoming events (see event handouts):
Hawaii Children’s Action Network (Hawaii-CAN) – October 2
Children and Youth Day – October 7
Safe Sleep Summit – October 8 (do not have additional information)
Children and Youth Summit – October 12
Hawai`i Afterschool Summit – October 19 and 20

We look forward to working with you all over this interim.


Jessie A. Faige
Legislative Attorney
Office of Senator Karl Rhoads
Hawai`i State Senate
Handout – Keiki Caucus Package 090718

Handout – Keiki Related Acts 090718

Handout – Keiki Related Adopted Resos 090718

Keiki Caucus Agenda Sept 7,2018

Keiki Caucus 2019 Deadlines 090718 Meeting