1 to 4 Years

For All Ages:

• Keep home smoke free

• Learn CPR & First Aid

• Install smoke alarms on every floor

• Test alarms monthly and replace batteries

• Keep water heater temperature below 120 degrees fahrenheit

• Don’t hold a child when carrying hot foods or liquids

• Obey water safety signs

• Teach children how to swim and when to call 911

Developmental Stages & Accomplishments

Child begins to climb and use objects as a ladder.
The child is able to reach higher and open doors and gates.

• Becoming an individual is important. The child learns to say “no”.
Insists on doing things differently. Challenges parents.

  • Never leave child alone near any water, including baths. 
  • Empty buckets of liquids. 
  • Keep toilet lids locked; use toilet locks. 
  • Install (4ft minimum) fencing around pool.
  • Use life jackets approved by U.S. Coast Guard in a kayak,
    canoe or boat.
  • Obey water safety signs.
  • Do not allow child to play near street or parked cars.
  • Teach child good walking habits – stop at curb,
    look both ways, cross streets only with adults.
  • Make sure bike helmet is worn the right way – low
    over forehead, strap tight.
  • Never shake a keiki or play too rough; don’t tickle
    too much or throw too high into air.
  • Always buckle child correctly into child passenger
    safety seat, in back seat of car.
  • Never put child in front of an airbag.
  • Don’t let child ride in back of pick-up truck.
  • Put gates and locks on stairways, lanais and doors.
  • Do not put furniture next to windows where child
    can pile up things to climb out; use window guards.
  • ALWAYS supervise child at playgrounds;
    check playground equipment.
  • No balloons, plastic bags or small objects near that
    can go into child’s mouth.
  • Make sure child has enough teeth to swallow foods
    being served.
  • Use safety caps on all medicines. Keep household
    cleaning products out of reach, in storage bins.
  • Teach child about poisonous plants and bugs.
  • Check baby for lead poisoning at age 2.
  • Keep poison control hotline number handy:
  • Do not allow child to play with fireworks.
  • Do not smoke in home or around child.
  • Keep matches and lighters away from child.
  • Keep hot liquid and foods out of child’s reach.
  • Turn pot handles away from stove’s edge.
  • Apply sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher on a child.
  • Keep guns unloaded in home and ammunition
    locked separately from guns.
  • Ask if homes where child visits have guns.